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Lounge facilities
Lounge facilities are currently offered in Hyderabad where clients and students can meet to discuss and trade in a structured and supportive business-like environment. Similar lounge facilities will open in due course in other cities.

Doji Trading Services Pvt Ltd.
Doji Trading Services Pvt Ltd. Are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of trader focused services to better arm the trader towards profitability avoiding the regular errors leading to losses and disillusionment.

Advisory services
Advisory services cover a multitude of facets. At Dojiglobal we aim to offer and advise on services that truly add value to the trader and will provide 'signals' and Expert Advisors, EA's, designed to meet the individual traders trading and risk preferences. Our advisory services can be bespoke, tailored to your requirements.

Training programs
Training programs designed to cover all aspects of a trader's life from a basic market introduction, through to what the various products are and how they are traded. Analysing the fundamentals and technicals and how they affect the markets. The assessment of risk in your trading strategies and how to understand and control the psychology of a trader's mind.

Fund Management advice
Fund Management advice for those who require some form of assisted trading we can help navigate you through the minefield of companies and individuals pertaining to offer the 'holy grail' to blissful profitability. Life is not that simple, but suitable management advice is available and a tailored solution to your needs can be determined after discussion.

Market news and reports
Market news and reports of high quality with research material from various reputable financial institutions is available from Dojiglobal.

Account opening and funding assistance
Account opening and funding assistance. Where should I open and what broker should I choose. How are they regulated? What sort of account do I want or need. There are so many options and Dojiglobal has taken the leg work out of this process and can give you a balanced opinion with their considerable knowledge and experience.

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